How to Stay Consistent with Health Goals Over the Weekend


During the week, you’ve packed your lunch every day, ate all the meal prepped food you’ve cooked for the week for dinner, avoided fast food, and hit the gym three times. Now, it’s Friday and you feel ready to let loose! Then Monday morning comes along and you’ve realized you’ve regressed on your goals and start all over again. Sound familiar? The first few months of my lifestyle change I found that I wasn’t seeing the results I hoped for highly due to inconsistencies on the weekend. I’m not saying that there isn’t room for weekend indulgences. However, consistency especially at the beginning is essential to achieving your health goals. Here are my 5 best tips for remaining consistent with your health and wellness goals even on the weekend!

  • Wine over Mimosas


My favorite part about the weekend is Sunday Brunch. Just because you’ve started a new health goal doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself. Instead of bottomless mimosas, opt for glasses of dry wines instead. Orange juice is high in carbohydrates and it adds up quickly. Dry wines have approximately 5-6 carbs per glass. Splurging on a few glasses won’t do as much damage to your goals.

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast


When I knew I was going to eat out, I used to skip breakfast to create a calorie deficit. However, what it usually did was make me so hungry that I ate two meals worth of food at the restaurant. Eating a balanced meal according to your meal plan helps to kickstart your metabolism and helps to control your appetite throughout the day.

  • Choose Healthy Indulgences 


Do you crave ice cream on the weekends? Choose Carb Smart Ice Cream, add a tablespoon of peanut butter and top it with Whip Cream. Now you’ve gotten your Sundae fix without damaging your health goals.

  • Stay Active


Use the extra time on the weekend to do active activities outside of your usual workout routine. Some of my favorites are playing some basketball or badminton. Remember to invite your friends and family members. Sharing time with others in ways that benefit your health goals is a great way to stay consistent on the weekends.

  • Everything in Moderation


It’s okay to eat and enjoy your favorite foods every now and then. If you’re going to a birthday dinner, choose to eat the healthy choices for your meal but have cake for dessert if you want cake. Moderation is key.

Remember that every weekend won’t be perfect and you will have setbacks. Don’t just give up on the whole day due to one unhealthy meal. Choose a healthy option for your next meal and keep going!

Do you have trouble staying on track with health goals during the weekend? What are some of your favorite tips to stay consistent? Leave comments below!

Review: Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon


While grocery shopping at my local Giant food, I came across this vegetarian bacon that I have never seen before in the refrigerated aisles. Morningstar brand has always been my product of choice when it comes to vegetarian foods. However, I was delighted to try something new when I discovered the Sweet Earth Hickory and Sage Benevolent Bacon.

After trying Benevolent Bacon for the first time, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The smoked taste is savory and definitely gives it a more “meat-like” taste. The downside to this bacon is that even after pan-searing it with oil, it does not crisp up as much as the Morningstar brand veggie bacon or real meat. As with all vegetarian meats, you can expect a different texture than actual meat. Products that include bacon in their name often leads to misleading expectations, especially for those who are new to vegetarianism. However, as far as taste goes the benefits outweigh the negatives.

I will likely continue to encourage the use of Morningstar Brand Stripples, as mentioned in my 7-Day Modified Keto Vegetarian Meal Plan due to its carbohydrate amounts. Stripples contain 2 grams of net carbohydrates versus Benevolent Bacon, which has 5 grams of net carbohydrates. All in all, if you’re looking to incorporate more vegan/vegetarian food options to your meals, I would highly recommend this product. Rate: 8/10

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Done with Diets: Becoming the healthiest version of you

IMG_2788Honesty moment… I do not like the word diet. I’ve actually made a conscious attempt to remove this word from my vocabulary and willingly chose not to include this term in my 7-Day Modified Keto Vegetarian Meal Plan.

People often ask me if my diet is over now that I’ve achieved weight loss. My answer to that is I’ve never really been on one in the first place. I may not have realized this at the beginning of my journey but I do now. Weight loss was just a by-product to me becoming the healthiest version of myself. I encourage weight loss if it is something you need to do to improve your health. Excess weight can cause and/or make you at risk for a number of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, and much more. However, weight loss isn’t a necessity in the journey to becoming your best self for everyone. 

It’s important to remember that health is an individualized goal. Health looks different for everyone and the journey to health will look different for everyone. Everyone can be given and practice the same health techniques but everyones body may respond to it differently because we are all unique. So my question is “What does the best version of yourself look like to you? Why?” Do you feel like you need to lose weight for societal reasons or aesthetics? Does your body feel more energized or sluggish depending on what you fuel it with? Do you need help identifying what healthy looks like to you?

Comment and let me know your thoughts. 

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