Low Carb & Oral Health: The Surprising Side Effect

woman holding orange mirror
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

In October of 2018 just prior to my wedding date, it was time to visit my lovely friend “the dentist”. I had planned out my teeth cleaning that way so that my teeth would be pearly white for my BIG day. That same day I found myself with 4 cavities that required fillings and two separate visits to complete it. I grew up as a lover of sweets, therefore, dentist visits were never fun for me. So on this past Thursday during my bi-yearly dentist appointment, I braced myself for the unsolicited shade from my Dentist about where there’s sensitivity in my teeth and about needing to floss more. However, this visit was MUCH different in a good way. 

female dentist with assistant treating patient in clinic
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

Why do we all grow up understanding “don’t eat too much candy or it’ll ruin your teeth”? That’s because sugar fuels the bacteria to produce acid in the mouth, which leads to tooth decay. This process is called demineralization. Although not all carbs are created equal, sugars when broken down are essentially carbohydrates and have similar effects on the body. So when I decided to limit carbohydrate intake last year, it actually has since had an effect on my teeth! Not only does limiting carbohydrates minimize tooth decay, it is also beneficial for the prevention of gum disease. Low carb diets such as my Modified Keto Vegetarian diet will lead to healthier teeth and mouth, preventing tooth decay, cavities, and overall preventing extra visits to the dentist. Consider trying my meal plan today!




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