Making Time for Time Management


Time management is the act of scheduling out how time is spent to increase efficacy and efficiency. Work, school, and life at home can often present itself with many tasks that must be accomplished. Many of those tasks involve a specific deadline. As most of you already know, recently my sister and I have launched a new online business called Graceful Med Boutique. However, I am still currently maintaining my three other jobs. Balancing my clinical bedside job in Same Day Surgery, Adjunct Faculty roles at two Universities, and an online business can leaving me feeling like 24 hours in a day isn’t enough. Therefore, it has been important to be able to incorporate time management into my everyday life because it allows me to accomplish more work by having planned outcomes.

Time management requires a variety of tools and skills set to accomplish tasks within that specific time-frame. There are three main themes in time management, which is to set the atmosphere, prioritize, and to act based on priorities.

Setting the atmosphere of productiveness is essential to time management. For me, my bedroom is my safe place when it comes to work productivity. This might not be the case for most due to the sleep distraction but find out what works best for you. Designate a place that is conducive to the work required, whether it is studying or work. Eliminate distractions that can inhibit effectiveness.

The second theme is to prioritize important tasks starting with the most difficult tasks. Doing so provides the most difficult tasks with more energy to reduce the risk of not completing tasks. When prioritizing, keep in mind the level of importance of the task to you. Too often we spend our valuable time on things of little value to us. The prioritized tasks should also have goals and a timeframe for completion. Remember to keep your time frames arranged realistically.

The last theme in time management is to act based on priorities using the planned outcomes that were set during prioritization. Acting on priorities includes completing assigned tasks, meeting deadlines, and reviewing outcomes. Ask yourself were the methods used effective? Consider alternate approaches that could have made this process smoother.

As a new business owner, I’ve realized that effective time management occurs with proper organization. Although all themes are critical to efficacy, prioritization is the main theme that ensures important tasks are completed. There are many ways to organize activities such as creating a task list, grouping similar tasks, and evaluating outcomes. When many complex tasks are presented in a work environment, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Managing time wisely can give you a sense of control over what needs to be done. Proper time management can reduce stress, enhance performance, and improve your overall quality of life.

Optimizing the Healing Environment

The environment can play a great role in how people function in their daily life. Every aspect of the environment can have an effect on the people that experience it, either positively or negatively. This is also true in health care where there is a relationship between the healing environment and the outcome of the patient. The healing environment is anything that the patient encounters in that setting which can be the décor, lighting, furniture, or room color.

Nursing was intended to be the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to promote recovery and healing. However, today hospitals can be viewed as anything but an optimal healing environment due to constant interruptions, noise, and increased pressure placed on nurses to perform tasks. Therefore, the healing process is then hindered by the nature of the hospital system.

Here are a few ways you can optimize the healing environment for your patients and even for yourself at home:

Aromatherapy – Certain scents such as Lavender can assist in decreasing anxiety.

Increase natural light – Open the blinds in the room and let the natural light shine through. Are you sad when winter comes along but are happier in the summer? Natural light is linked to increased serotonin levels, which improves mood.

Give yourself sufficient space – Have you ever came home from a long day to an unclean house and felt anxious? Clearing clutter is vital for optimizing your healing environment.

Breathe in fresh air – Open the window and/or go for a walk. Not only will you get Vitamin D from the sunlight, but you’ll also enhance the gas exchange of the lungs by bringing in more oxygen to the cells.

Surrounding yourself with colors of nature – Critical Care Medicine recommends artwork of nature in greens and blues due to its ability to decrease stress levels for patients.

Nurses have the responsibility to apply integrative therapies as appropriate, therefore, consider these methods to optimize healing for patients and for your own lives. Always remember that healing of the body begins with healing of the mind and spirit.

Creative by His Design

FullSizeRender (4)When you look at nature and all the wonders of this Earth, you can vividly see the evidence of Creation. Because we are made in the image of the Creator, we too are also designed to create. He is the One who instills these desires in our hearts with a unique purpose in mind.

Recently, I was back home at my parent’s house. In their closet, hangs a high school project of mine called “The Road Map of My Life.” Although it had been hanging on the wall there for some time now, it had been years since I truly looked at what I wrote. Of course there were some unmet goals, such as being married by 2015 (a way far off projection…YIKES). Conversely, I was surprised to see how many met goals there were as well. My Road Map declared that I would graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree, which I completed in 2013. However around year 2016, there was a shift in my goal planning. My Road Map stated I would go back to school for Fashion Design and start my own fashion line. Without even looking back to this Road Map until recently, our business Graceful Med Boutique was already being planned and designed in 2016. How fitting is it that my Nursing background and my love for fashion design would eventually merge into one?

Finding this Road Map again, served as a great reminder to walk in my purpose. Being a thought leader, places a unique burden on those also challenged with this mindset. It’s easy to get comfortable in the lifestyle of a Monday through Friday 9-5. The creative lifestyle is hard work. It requires early mornings and late nights without the guarantee of a return. It requires a humble spirit to accept criticism. It requires authenticity and patience. The alternative, which is walking away from the purposeful design God has created us to be or hoarding our gifts, only leads to a life unfulfilled. Therefore, embrace your God-given talents and develop them. Start Something.