Keto Milk Substitutions : Avoiding the Sugar in Milk

If you ever assess the nutritional facts of a milk carton, you’ll notice that milk contains sugar. Whole Milk is surprisingly high in net carbs due its high amounts of lactose, which the body breaks down into simple sugars during digestion. Substituting milk for keto-friendly alternatives can help you improve your progress towards your weight loss goals. 

Here are my favorite dairy and non-dairy keto-friendly milk substitutions: 

Heavy Cream – A tablespoon of heavy cream, which totals at 1g of net carbs is a great alternative for cream in your coffee. This is a dairy product that is suitable for a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk – Almond milk is by far my favorite of the non-dairy nut milk substitutions. There is also milk made from soy, cashews, walnuts, and hazelnuts as well. You can find this vegan keto milk substitute at any local grocery store. Net carbs for one serving totals at approximately <1g, making it a perfect alternative for any recipe that calls for milk. 

Whether you decide to use dairy or nondairy milk, you should aim for unsweetened options to reduce your intake of added sugar. As with other ketogenic substitutions, it is vital to keep in context your overall meal plan and lifestyle to ensure your success.

photo credit by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron @shootdelicious


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