Staying Motivated Beyond the New Year’s Resolution

93950ED8-A35D-4687-977C-41976079EDD2We’ve all done it before… It’s January first and we write down 10 things we want to accomplish in the year. For most people, health and wellness is usually included in this list of goals. However, by the time February comes, we’re a long ways from our goals and our resolutions are a distant memory. So what are some ways to remain motivated throughout the year and actually accomplish your health goals?

Here are my 4 tips:

Create a vision board

Where do you see yourself? What would you like to accomplish? Grab a poster board from your local craft store and some old magazines. Cut out anything you see in the magazine that reminds/inspires you of your goals then paste them onto your poster board. Once you’ve designed yours, hang it up some place where you’ll encounter it often. I have my vision board right next to my bed, on the side where I usually wake up. Every morning I am reminded to be healthy, to exercise…and surprisingly it works!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over Setbacks

So you slipped up and ate the cupcakes at your work party… It’s okay! Setbacks happen and recognizing them as such will help you move on from them. Often times, setbacks makes a person feel like all their hard work is ruined so they give up. Remember that every minute of every day is another opportunity to make a good health decision and get back on the right path.

Family/Friend Support

Another great way to remain motivated is to enlist the support of friends and family who will hold you accountable. My fiancé and I turned our fitness goals into healthy competition to keep each other on the right track. My favorite exercise includes playing Dance Central on the Xbox with my sister. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same desire for fitness places you in the position to accomplish them. “Birds of a feather flock together” right?

Celebrate The Little Wins

Reward yourself for sticking to your goals and achieving each milestone, no matter how small. If you’re trying to lose weight, remember that weight maintenance is a win and not a loss. When you’re deciding what to reward yourself with, try to celebrate yourself with non-food related rewards, such as a new hairdo or a manicure. Remember: Beyonce wasn’t built in a day, so celebrate the process!


Published by I Dream of Alice

Alice MSN, RN loves to empower women to fulfill their dreams by helping them live in their purpose. She does this as a blogger, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

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