Creative by His Design

FullSizeRender (4)When you look at nature and all the wonders of this Earth, you can vividly see the evidence of Creation. Because we are made in the image of the Creator, we too are also designed to create. He is the One who instills these desires in our hearts with a unique purpose in mind.

Recently, I was back home at my parent’s house. In their closet, hangs a high school project of mine called “The Road Map of My Life.” Although it had been hanging on the wall there for some time now, it had been years since I truly looked at what I wrote. Of course there were some unmet goals, such as being married by 2015 (a way far off projection…YIKES). Conversely, I was surprised to see how many met goals there were as well. My Road Map declared that I would graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree, which I completed in 2013. However around year 2016, there was a shift in my goal planning. My Road Map stated I would go back to school for Fashion Design and start my own fashion line. Without even looking back to this Road Map until recently, our business Graceful Med Boutique was already being planned and designed in 2016. How fitting is it that my Nursing background and my love for fashion design would eventually merge into one?

Finding this Road Map again, served as a great reminder to walk in my purpose. Being a thought leader, places a unique burden on those also challenged with this mindset. It’s easy to get comfortable in the lifestyle of a Monday through Friday 9-5. The creative lifestyle is hard work. It requires early mornings and late nights without the guarantee of a return. It requires a humble spirit to accept criticism. It requires authenticity and patience. The alternative, which is walking away from the purposeful design God has created us to be or hoarding our gifts, only leads to a life unfulfilled. Therefore, embrace your God-given talents and develop them. Start Something.


Published by I Dream of Alice

Alice MSN, RN loves to empower women to fulfill their dreams by helping them live in their purpose. She does this as a blogger, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur.

One thought on “Creative by His Design

  1. OMG… I love what you have accomplished and what you will discover of you as the designer that you are. Creating and designing that future is crucial yet with Gods love there’s nothing you won’t finish. I love your creating mind.


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